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Work injury prevention demands thorough risk assessment

Employers in states like South Carolina need to consider numerous risk factors to lower the likelihood that their employees might come to harm. Safety management grows especially important as companies and workforces expand, and bodies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have even published guidelines that employers can use to improve their approach to organizational safety.

Workplace safety experts cite numerous focus areas that employers need to think about to create safer work environments. These include assessing both cultural risks, such as insufficient safety standards or sloppy workplace procedures, and physical risks, such as slip-and-fall injuries, business travel incidents and construction hazards.

Asking employees to perform tasks that fall outside their job descriptions might be another risk factor. Such practices could exacerbate hazards by making workers tackle tasks without sufficient time or proper training to do them safely. Experts suggest that it is up to employers to create business cultures and corporate values that engender safe conditions and processes. This may also involve reviewing why existing safety guidelines are not being followed properly or if they conflict with factors like time and other job demands.

When workers get hurt on the job, their bosses may avoid taking responsibility. This can make it harder for victims to pursue compensation while they recover from injuries. In some cases, resolving the incident may seem like an outright battle against employers who actively try to discourage workers from filing claims, seeking medical attention or reporting what happened. Although some bosses attempt to shift the blame to the individuals or groups that were harmed, these victims may be able to fight back by proving the ways their employers' policies contributed to their injuries. Talking to a lawyer about what goes into a workers' compensation claim may make it easier to pursue justice.

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