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September 2016 Archives

OSHA considers updating maritime industry safety standards

If the Occupational Safety and Health Association has its way, maritime industries in South Carolina and across the country may be required to update their safety standards. Before the agency requires the changes, however, it has requested information and comments from shipyards by Dec. 7, 2016.

Public comments mixed on proposed sleep testing for truck drivers

A proposed federal rule for sleep apnea testing would affect truck drivers in South Carolina if passed. The rule could require all professional truck drivers to undergo testing for sleep apnea and possibly require that they pay for the testing out of their own pockets. Public comments on the proposal varied widely in opinion.

Work injury prevention demands thorough risk assessment

Employers in states like South Carolina need to consider numerous risk factors to lower the likelihood that their employees might come to harm. Safety management grows especially important as companies and workforces expand, and bodies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have even published guidelines that employers can use to improve their approach to organizational safety.

Motor vehicle fatalities increase in 2015

According to a report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more people in South Carolina and throughout the United States were killed motor vehicle accidents in 2015 than in 2014. Traffic fatalities had been on the decline since 2005 when 42,708 deaths were recorded. However, there was a 7.2 percent one-year increase in 2015. The total number of roadway fatalities last year was 35,092.

NHTSA and FMCSA propose speed limiters for trucks

The interstate speed limit in South Carolina is 70 mph, but many road safety advocates believe that limits should be set lower for semi-tractor trailers that can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when fully laden. Exceeding posted speed limits by 5 or 10 mph is normal behavior for a great many American drivers, but heavy trucks moving at 75 mph may be exceeding the safety ratings of their tires. The nonprofit road safety advocacy group Roadsafe suggested in 2006 that speed limiters be fitted to all vehicles weighing more than 26,000 pounds, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration backed the idea in an Aug. 26 proposal.

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