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Getting injured workers back to their job

When workers get hurt, it should be a team effort to get them back on the job as quickly as possible. This means that the workers and employers work together with doctors and the insurance company as a cohesive unit with the goal of helping that employee heal. However, a return-to-work plan is only worthwhile if employees believe in it and are willing to buy in.

Returning to work early may relieve both financial and physical pain. Research indicates that going back to work may actually help employees recover from their injuries. From a financial perspective, it may be easier for an employee to return and earn a full salary as opposed to just a percentage of it while on disability.

It is important to understand that the process of returning to work starts when the employee is injured. He or she should notify a supervisor immediately when an injury occurs. This makes it possible to start the claims process and get a report from a doctor as soon as possible. From there, it may be possible to get a worker back as soon as medically necessary even if that means returning to a modified role with the company.

If a worker is injured on the job, it may be possible to receive permanent disability or other workers' compensation benefits. Permanent benefits may be given out to those who are never able to return to work or return to a similar position. An attorney may be able to review a claim to determine whether an individual should be entitled to permanent benefits as opposed to temporary assistance. Legal counsel may help verify that an injury took place at work through the use of medical records or witness testimony.

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