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July 2016 Archives

Lawsuit alleges gender bias in workers' compensation awards

South Carolina residents will likely know that the wage gap between male and female workers has been a contentious political topic for many years, but they may not be aware that women are sometimes awarded lower workers' compensation benefits due to their gender. A class action lawsuit has been filed in California by women who say that they were awarded lower benefits than similarly-injured men would have received. The women claim that their benefits would have been between 20 and 80 percent higher had they been men.

Other nations pull ahead of the U.S. in road safety

The widespread disregard of seat belt laws and a persistently high number of drunk drivers are two main reasons why advances in road safety in South Carolina and around the country have lagged behind the gains made in other developed nations. This was one of the conclusions of a report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention July 6. The report compared traffic accident fatalities in the U.S. between 2000 and 2013 with the death rates of pedestrians, motorists and cyclists in 19 other wealthy countries.

OSHA changing ways injuries are reported

South Carolina employers and employees should be aware of the impending institution of new OSHA rules governing workplace injury reporting. These rules, which begin to pass into effect on Aug. 10, will change the way that workers tell their employers about harm resulting from workplace issues and the way that those business owners tell the government about it.

Welders and the risk of toxic fume exposure

South Carolina workers who perform fusion welding may risk exposure to harmful gas byproducts produced by welding smoke. OSHA cautions workers that metals such as aluminum, beryllium, lead and manganese can produce harmful gases that lead to both short- and long-term health issues. Welding fumes are particularly harmful when inhaled due to direct exposure.

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