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Slaughterhouse injuries may be under-reported

Those in the South Carolina slaughterhouse industry may know that slaughterhouses are much safer than they are historically known to be. However, a government report indicating slaughterhouse safety may not show all of the risks that those who work in meat and poultry slaughterhouses face every day.

The Government Accountability Office released an update to a 2005 report that showed that, between 2004 and 2013, 151 employees died after suffering meat packing injuries while on the job. However, injuries and illnesses are still relatively common. Even with the new report, there are situations that could be causing the GAO to under-report injuries. For example, workers who suffer amputations after becoming injured while cleaning machinery may not be counted due to the fact that they are third party contractors. In some cases, medical staff may have workers return to work without reporting the injury. Finally, many workers are immigrants and refugees who downplay their injuries to protect their jobs.

Worker advocates said that the injury rates that are reported by meat companies can be suspicious. Many injuries are not reported to OSHA. If the injuries are not treated in a timely manner, they could become irreparable and prevent a person from earning a living in the future. The North American Meat Institute, however, defended the meat packing industry by stating that OSHA has not found under-reporting to be a common problem.

If a person suffers a permanent disability after becoming injured while working, the damages they sustained may be covered by their workers' compensation benefits. An attorney may gather medical evidence that shows the extent of the injury. They may also determine what the costs of extended medical care and rehabilitation are. If the company refuses to provide the benefits or the benefits do not cover the full cost of the injuries, the attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit.

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