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Keeping nurses safe in South Carolina

In the United States, there are approximately 18 million people who work in the health care field. Of those 18 million, 80 percent are women, and there are many dangers that they face at work each day. However, there are some commonsense tips that South Carolina nurses can take to avoid getting hurt. One step that can be taken is to avoid sharp objects or to use them with care.

Each year, roughly 385,000 injuries occur to health care workers in U.S. hospitals because of contact with sharp objects such as needles. While it is now law that hospitals use needles with caps on them, those who are punctured may come into contact with bloodborne pathogens. Nurses should be especially careful when drawing blood from patients with serious infections or when working double-shifts because of fatigue.

Nurses may also be put at risk because of violence that can take place on the job. Patients, visitors or colleagues may engage in violent activity that could result in injuries to the caregivers. The risk of being the victim of violent activity tends to be higher in areas that have higher rates of crime. Nurses may be able to protect themselves by taking stock of who they are caring for and by familiarizing themselves with the security measures their employer has put in place.

Nurses and other health care workers who have been injured on the job may be entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits. Attorneys who have experience in this practice area can often provide assistance during the period when the required claim is being prepared.

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