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Car data loggers may determine who is at fault in a crash

When a South Carolina motorist becomes involved in a single-vehicle car accident, it can be easy to want to blame the car. However, cars made by Tesla Motors make it much more difficult to deflect fault for the accident. One owner of a Tesla Model X SUV found this out after claiming that the vehicle suddenly accelerated on its own and crashed into a building.

Because the vehicle is connected to the manufacturer at all times through the Internet, the company was able to pull data from the Model X's computer. According to its statement, the vehicle was traveling less than 10 mph when the accelerator pedal was suddenly pushed. This caused the vehicle to suddenly accelerate, indicating that the crash was caused by the driver.

Tesla Motors is not the only company that equips its vehicles with data loggers. While other vehicles usually do not record data to the extent that Tesla does, approximately 25 percent of new vehicles have the ability to get record some data. It is expected that by 2020, 90 percent of all new vehicles will have the ability to record certain types of information. While building autonomous vehicles is a major motivation for data collection in the future, it could also have a major impact on the insurance business.

If an inexperienced or distracted driver causes a car accident, those who suffer injuries may have the ability to seek compensation for any damages they sustained. However, this can be difficult depending on the evidence. A personal injury attorney may assist by gathering evidence that may include witness testimony, photos of the accident and even information from the vehicle's data loggers if available.

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