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Highway users remain at risk from truck accident injuries

The release of data by the federal government showing a decrease in truck accident fatalities is good news for motorists in South Carolina and across the rest of the U.S., but it comes with another statistic that shows there is still work to be done to make road travel safer. During the same period that trucking accident fatalities were going down by 5 percent, injuries caused by a semi-truck crash or other trucking accident were up by 21 percent.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been quick to point out that the apparent conflict in the data it released is really not a conflict at all. According to the FMCSA, the statistics reveal that a tractor-trailer crash that might have at one time resulted in fatalities is now survivable. Two factors are pointed to as explaining this claim: technology and new government rules forcing truck company officials to schedule their vehicles for more daylight travel than before.

New technology installed in trucks includes braking systems that automatically take over if a distracted truck driver fails to apply the brakes in time to avoid crashing into slowing or stopped traffic up ahead. Other innovations, such as collision warning systems that can help to alert someone suffering from truck driver fatigue about hazards and lane departure systems that warn drivers when their vehicles drift out of the designated travel lanes, can make truck accidents less severe and more survivable.

Federal regulations that force a truck owner to schedule more daylight operations to give drivers more time to sleep may have contributed to the reduction of truck accident fatalities. Because of less traffic congestion at night, a trucking accident at maximum highway speeds could result in fatalities. Daytime operations generally result in slower vehicle speeds.

Someone injured in a trucking accident may be entitled to compensation from the truck company and driver that caused the accident. The injured party might benefit from obtaining legal advice from an experienced trucking accident attorney.

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