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Staying safe on towers in South Carolina

According to OSHA, there were 36 deaths related to communication tower accidents from 2011 to 2015. Since April 2015, the agency has been asking for feedback to devise ways to improve communication tower worker safety. A 2016 workshop conducted by OSHA and the FCC went over several best practices derived from that feedback. One issue that impacted worker safety was the use of subcontractors.

In some cases, there may be confusion as to who is working on a particular site and what each person's qualifications may be. Some are not necessarily qualified to climb towers, which could increase their risk of getting hurt. While some believe that adding language to contracts could resolve the problem, some employers may value production over worker safety. This could lead to workers climbing towers even if they are not qualified to do so safely.

The design of a tower may also make it more difficult for climbers to navigate them safely. Among other recommendations, towers should be created with more platforms and areas where workers can tie themselves off. Keeping the structures free from equipment may also make them easier to climb on while lowering the risk of injury. Employers may be able to enhance worker safety by mandating that climbers use lifts or platforms instead of free climbing the structures.

Workers who are hurt on the job may be eligible to seek benefits under their employer's workers' compensation coverage. Benefits can help pay for medical expenses and make up a portion of wages that are lost. An attorney can often provide guidance during the claims filing process.

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