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Is hands-free safe enough?

Some people may feel that South Carolina roads may be a little less dangerous with the advent of hands-free technology, which provides motorists with the means of maintaining communications without the need to look at devices. However, experts suggest that the brain's engagement during hands-free communication could still create distractions that have the potential to cause accidents. In fact, the brain continues to be distracted even after the use of communications or infotainment technology has ceased.

Vehicle manufacturers may be helping in cultivating the idea that hands-free equipment is safe simply by incorporating such systems into their latest models. An estimated 53 percent of motorists are under the impression that this equipment must be safe if it is in a vehicle. Unfortunately, the multitasking ability cultivated by such equipment is convenient, but it is not necessarily safe.

Although smartphones continue to be a leading source of distraction for motorists, there are numerous other ways in which an individual's attention can be diverted from the road. In most cases, distractions are associated with unnecessary activities like eating, operating entertainment systems or conversing with passengers. In some cases, scenery or weather conditions can draw a driver's attention away from the road.

Texting and driving is one of the most serious examples of distracted driving because of the potential for catastrophic injuries, which is why it is prohibited in most states. With the engagement of eyes, brain, and hands, there are multiple activities occurring during texting. A motorist may not even realize that a collision is imminent, which can lead to impact at full speed.

A head-on accident caused by a distracted driver could result in severe impairments for occupants of either vehicle. The responsible driver's auto insurance might be insufficient to cover the medical needs in a catastrophic accident, in which case personal injury litigation might be used to seek additional compensation.

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