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Preventing crane accidents with inspections

South Carolina construction workers who are required to work on cranes as part of their job may understand just how dangerous this type of equipment can be. In some cases, cranes can swing more than 100 feet above the ground, making a potential fall a serious risk. In order to prevent serious injuries or even deaths, preventing accidents is a must.

For the larger cranes that assist with major construction projects, most operators are required to undergo training. Additionally, these cranes are required to undergo federally-mandated periodic inspections. Not only do these inspections keep the workers who use them safe, but they can also prevent injuries and deaths to those who are walking underneath them.

Every large construction crane requires a daily spot inspection to prevent any major accidents. This is done by the operator of the crane. In-house inspectors usually complete formal inspections at least once a month to ensure that the crane is functioning properly. This inspection involves looking at the crane from top to bottom to make sure nothing is amiss. One a year, a formal inspection of the crane is required. This inspection is usually completed by an independent company that has been accredited by OSHA.

Although all construction cranes are required to be inspected, accidents can still leave workers with severe injuries. If a crane malfunctions and a worker is injured on the job, workers' compensation benefits may be available to provide medical treatment as well as partial wage replacement. An attorney can often help to ensure that the required claim is complete and timely submitted.

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