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Accident caused by Google self-driving car

People in South Carolina have most likely heard about the self-driving cars that Google has developed and has been testing. During the beta phase, the cars have been driven around on streets. Currently, the vehicles have human drivers that are able to take over if they feel it is necessary.

Google had reported that its cars had been involved in 17 accidents, all of which were caused by the human drivers when they took over. In February, however, one of its cars was involved in an accident and the company has stated that the software itself was partially responsible.

The Google self-driving car was in the far right-hand side of a turning lane preparing to turn right. There were sandbags on the road, and the vehicle moved back left to avoid them. A bus then collided with the vehicle. Google believes the software assumed the bus would yield for it and that the bus driver also believed the car would yield to the bus. No one was injured in the low-speed crash. The company said it will be updating its software to account for the fact that large vehicles might not yield to smaller ones.

The fact that the self-driving car itself could be responsible for causing an accident may have implications for situations in which a wreck caused by one of the cars also results in personal injuries. It may very well be that, in such a situation, personal injury attorneys who are representing clients who have been harmed in such an accident might direct their focus towards the manufacturer of the autonomous technology.

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