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South Carolina eye injury prevention in the workplace

South Carolina workers in certain occupations may be at risk for an eye injury if proper safety procedures are not followed in the workplace. According to Prevent Blindness America, 90 percent of the eye injuries that happen each day are preventable through protective eyewear. Thorough personal protective equipment programs are crucial to protecting employees' eyes during work in hazardous condition. From mild corneal abrasions to extensive injuries that result in a loss of eyesight, there are many types of injuries that can occur if proper safety procedures are not followed.

Even a corneal abrasion that feels mild could end up being severe, according to eye specialists. Keeping eyes moist through the use of drops is an important part of facilitating the healing process. Chemical splashes can also lead to serious eye injuries. Emergency shower stations and eyewash equipment should be located around workplaces where eye hazards are present and made easily accessible to employees.

Some of the most common eye hazards include flying objects, tools, particles, chemicals and harmful radiation. Many employers do not follow proper safety procedures to prevent eye injury, and others should learn from their mistakes. OSHA inspectors found significant violations during a 2015 inspection of two Oregon ranger districts of the U.S. Forest Service. Although the government facilities did not face monetary sanctions, these violations would have resulted in more than $350,000 in penalties for a private sector employer.

Employees who sustain an eye injury while working may be eligible for workers' compensation. In the event that the workplace injury accident was the result of a blatant disregard of safety violations by the employer, an injured victim may want to meet with an attorney to see if there are alternative methods available for seeking damages.

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