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South Carolina drivers and Volvo's autonomous vehicles

South Carolina drivers may be able to get behind the wheel of 'death-proof" vehicles by the year 2020, according to promises made by one of the world's largest automakers. The Swedish company Volvo has long tracked the number of fatalities and serious injuries that occur in its vehicles, but it is taking things a step further with its initiative to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries entirely. Volvo plans to accomplish this by combining various smart vehicle technologies, many of which are already in place in its line of cars and SUVs.

Autonomous driving technology is at the center of Volvo's quest to create a 'death-proof" vehicle. Autonomous cars use technology such as built-in cameras to monitor for threats in the environment and reduce the amount of human error involved in driving. Volvo already uses adaptive cruise control in its cars to give drivers the ability to set a maximum speed. Vehicles with adaptive cruise control alert their drivers when another car is too close and can brake automatically if the driver does not take action.

Other smart technology includes improved airbags, more efficient restraints and lane assistance. Lane assistance uses cameras to alert drivers if they drift and even identifies road signs to help keep drivers aware of speed limits. This technology can also alert drivers to hazards in the road, such as a pedestrian who is in the area of the vehicle. Volvo is joined by Google, Tesla and Ford in its attempt to make cars safer through autonomous technology.

There are a variety of human causes for accidents, from drunk drivers to distraction and fatigue. A personal injury attorney can assist a crash victim in pinpointing responsibility for an accident and then in seeking compensation from the at-fault party for the losses that have been sustained.

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