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OSHA reporting requirements and South Carolina workers

During the first nine months of 2015, Tyson Foods reported 34 injuries resulting in amputation or hospitalization to OSHA. Of those 34 reported injuries, 17 involved amputations. While most cases involve a worker losing bits of his or her finger, one report involved an individual who lost both hands while cleaning a mixer.

In some cases, the injuries had nothing to do with working a line. One incident report involved an employee who had to be stabilized after being wounded by another employer. Other reports cited employees who were injured using forklifts because they were not properly trained on how to use them. These reports were obtained by a professor at George Washington University, but few specifics were obtained from them.

For instance, there was no information about who the victims may have been, if they recovered or if they lost their jobs because of the incidents. In fact, they may not have ever become public knowledge had it not been for a Freedom of Information Act request. OSHA revised its reporting rules in 2014 after it was revealed 4,000 people died as the result of occupational injuries in the previous year. Tyson also said that it was instituting a new pilot program aimed at enhancing worker safety.

A worker who has been injured because of an OSHA violation may in some cases be able to sue the employer in lieu of filing a claim for benefits under the employer's workers' compensation coverage. An attorney who has experience in these matters can explain the choices that are available.

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