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Safety in excavation work and trenching

Employees in South Carolina who do excavation work face a number of dangers. One of those dangers is the instability of all excavation sites. It is necessary to evaluate the site ahead of time and take safety precautions, because safety measures cannot be implemented as the work is being done. Workers should have protective equipment. Other important measures include safe access and daily site inspections.

These safety inspections need to be done before work on the site begins at all as well as prior to each shift. If there are unusual circumstances such as rainfall or if there is another reason that an inspection is needed, they should be even more frequent. The person doing the inspection must have the knowledge and authority to do so.

Potential dangers are hazardous atmospheres or cave-ins. Material that has been excavated and piled next to the site can also be a danger. Such material should be at least 2 feet away from the site. Trenches that are at least 4 feet deep need to have a safe way to exit them such as ramps or ladders.

Workers who are injured in these circumstances may be eligible for workers' compensation. It is illegal to retaliate against a worker who has filed a workers' compensation claim. A person who is injured on the job may want to discuss their options with an attorney who can also assist with the required paperwork and with appeals if a claim is denied. Workers' compensation benefits should be available regardless of who is at fault, but there may be additional issues if the injury is due to problems such as faulty equipment or unsafe working conditions.

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