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Overexertion tops the list of 2016 work injuries

A South Carolina worker could experience muscle strain or repetitive stress injuries because of an error in judgement on their own part or on the part of a supervisor. There are various types of overexertion, and safety training often targets these issues. However, this doesn't mean that all possible instances of musculoskeletal injuries will be avoided. Although the incidences of MSDs decreased slightly from 2013 to 2014, statistics indicate that this was to top form of injury on the job for 2014.

Data compiled by various sources places the cost for exertion-related workplace injuries during 2014 at more than $15 billion, one-fourth of the total costs incurred in connection with work-related incidents that year. Falls that occurred on a single level accounted for more than $10 billion in costs, and falling down one or more levels cost nearly $5.5 billion. Equipment accidents in which an individual was struck accounted for more than $5 billion in costs as well. These five areas together represented nearly 65 percent of the workplace injuries and illnesses for the year. All workplace injury accidents and illnesses totaled nearly $62 billion in costs.

According to reports, those employed in the nursing, labor, and moving industries had the highest rates of MSD injuries. Nursing assistants might suffer muscle strains while transferring patients into beds or helping them into chairs. They might also deal with injuries by reaching in an awkward manner to grasp items needed. Labor and moving jobs involve heavy equipment and materials, which can pose the risk of a strain.

Workers' compensation claims can be initiated to ensure that a medical provider is compensated for treatment following a work-related injury. However, the claims process can be hindered if an employer's coverage is not up to date. If a serious problem arises with a claim being covered, legal support might be important for moving the process forward.

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