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January 2016 Archives

Safety in excavation work and trenching

Employees in South Carolina who do excavation work face a number of dangers. One of those dangers is the instability of all excavation sites. It is necessary to evaluate the site ahead of time and take safety precautions, because safety measures cannot be implemented as the work is being done. Workers should have protective equipment. Other important measures include safe access and daily site inspections.

Overexertion tops the list of 2016 work injuries

A South Carolina worker could experience muscle strain or repetitive stress injuries because of an error in judgement on their own part or on the part of a supervisor. There are various types of overexertion, and safety training often targets these issues. However, this doesn't mean that all possible instances of musculoskeletal injuries will be avoided. Although the incidences of MSDs decreased slightly from 2013 to 2014, statistics indicate that this was to top form of injury on the job for 2014.

Miner safety measures helping workers in South Carolina

According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration, 28 miners passed away in mining accidents in 2015. That is lowest figure since the agency was established and a decline from 45 in 2014. Of those who died, 11 were killed in metal and nonmetal mines while 17 occurred in coal mines. The numbers do not include those in the gas and oil industry as those industries are regulated by OSHA.

Best practices for helping injured workers

When a South Carolina employee is injured, the employer's top priority should be to get that worker healthy and back to work as soon as possible. Another priority is to control costs related to that injury. In 30 percent of all workplace injuries, a worker can recover through self-treatment as opposed to going to the emergency room. By addressing an injury in the first 24 hours after it occurs, employers could eliminate some costly emergency room visits.

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