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Greatest danger to self driving cars may be other drivers

Self-driving cars and autonomous automobiles may one day be on the roads in South Carolina. Their gradual implementation in various states around America has been, for the overwhelming majority of cases, free of trouble. In fact, what problems there are with self-driving cars appear to originate with human drivers.

Driverless vehicles have only been in accidents that have involved human drivers. In these cases, it appears that the computers inability to predict human behavior precisely has led to some small collisions and fender benders. For example, a self-driving car was involved in an accident after it stopped before taking a right turn on a red light, then proceeded too slowly. The vehicle behind ran into it, striking it at approximately 5 miles per hour and causing only minor damage.

There have also been other issues with self-driving cars, including the refusal to cross over a double yellow line to go around a bicyclist. Autonomous vehicles tend to drive slower than human drivers in all circumstances, so negative interactions with traffic are a possibility.

If someone should suffer a personal injury because of an accident that involves a self-driving car, then they may be able to collect compensation from the manufacturer and operator of the vehicle. Since the people inside these vehicles are not in direct control of the driving, it has generally been understood that the liability may rest with the manufacturer and their robotic system that was driving. A lawyer may be able to help any injured party formulate a civil suit and see it through in negotiations or a court of law.

Source: Bloomberg, "Humans Are Slamming Into Driverless Cars and Exposing a Key Flaw," Keith Naughton, Dec. 17, 2015

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