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Vibration can damage the hands of workers

Although many South Carolina residents recognize that extended exposure to vibration can lead to unusual physical sensations, construction and manufacturing workers should be aware that work-related exposure could result in permanent damage. Symptoms of hand-arm vibration syndrome may include numbness and pain, which might be mistaken for other common ailments. Blanched fingers distinguish HAVS from conditions such as cervical neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome, which can also lead to numbness in the hands.

HAVS is an occupational disease that results from extended use of vibrating equipment, especially hand tools like jackhammers, chain saws, and grinders. Cold air can also contribute to HAVS, which makes it extremely important for at-risk workers to avoid smoking while working and to keep their hands protected with appropriate gloves.

Experts note that this occupational condition can be difficult to diagnose. In some cases, the occurrence of symptoms may take many years, which may inhibit the identification of an exact time of exposure or injury. Cumulative work-related conditions may be more challenging to handle through the workers' compensation system due to difficulty in pinpointing the responsible employer or employers for the coverage.

Because HAVS can be tough to diagnose in some individuals, statistics may be incomplete for the number of affected workers. It is believed that as many as half of the nation's construction and manufacturing employees may develop HAVS, but many may suffer the symptoms without having a clear diagnosis of the cause.

A worker who suffers lasting damage because of their employment activities may find it necessary to stop working in their profession due to the symptoms suffered. A workers' compensation lawyer may be helpful in compiling the records needed to file a claim for an occupational illness or condition.

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