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Safety improvements and car accident risks

One of the most dangerous things that South Carolina residents can do is simply get into their vehicle. Riding in or driving a car carries a risk of death that is 300 times greater than that of dying in a plane accident, according to statistics.

Fatality statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are sobering. According to 2013 data released by that agency, 32,719 people died in that year alone. Since people drove an estimated 3 trillion miles that year, the rate of death was 1.09 for every 100 million miles of travel.

Programs focused on improving driver behavior can only do so much. In order to decrease the risk of dying in car accidents, the government has had safety standards in place since the late 1960s. These standards include such things as mandating safety belts in all vehicles. NHTSA indicates that just in 2012, safety standards prevented 27,600 deaths from occurring. Driverless cars are an exciting development, as they are estimated to potentially cut the fatality numbers in half if all people have them. By saving so many additional lives, society at large would also save a significant amount of money.

People who suffer catastrophic injuries in accidents caused by another driver have the option of filing personal injury civil lawsuits against the at-fault motorist. Through such a lawsuit, injured plaintiffs might be able to recover significantly more than they otherwise could. Potential damages that could be recovered through a lawsuit include far more than just the person's economic losses. In addition to medical expenses and property losses, victims may in some cases receive compensation for lost income, the reduction of their quality of life, the pain and suffering they have experienced and other amounts. Those who are injured may want to schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney about their case.

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