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South Carolina ranks high in motor vehicle deaths

Among the states where people are most likely to die in car crashes on a per capita basis, South Carolina ranks ninth. Annually, out of every 100,000 people, approximately 16.5 die in motor vehicle accidents. Montana is the most dangerous state for car crashes, and the District of Columbia is the safest jurisdiction.

However, fatal car crashes on the whole have been dropping since 1985, and in 2014, highway fatalities were at their lowest point ever. Experts predict that these rates will continue to decrease as technology improves and innovations such as automated driving and crash-avoidance systems become commonplace. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still considers motor vehicle crashes a high-probability cause of death. With an individual's chance of dying in a motor vehicle accident at 1 in 77, it is a more common cause of death than falls although less common than suicide.

In 2013, motor vehicle accidents were responsible for the deaths of nearly 34,000 people. For nearly half of those deaths, there is no record of whether the victims were motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians or in the vehicle, but when records were kept, 8,629 fatalities were recorded as being to passengers or drivers. Nearly 5,000 were pedestrians while another 4,169 were motorcyclists and 623 were bicyclists.

Individuals who are injured in a motor vehicle accident may face a long recovery period. Pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists might be particularly vulnerable to serious injury since they are not protected by the structure of the vehicle itself. However, the driver who was responsible for the accident due to being distracted or some other negligent behavior may not have adequate insurance to cover the medical expenses of the injured victim, or the insurance company may offer too little in compensation. If this is the case, the injured victim may want to pursue damages through a personal injury lawsuit prepared and filed with the assistance of an attorney.

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