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Reducing illness and injury for health care workers

Health care workers in South Carolina and around the country face unique challenges on the job. Despite their tireless efforts at protecting the health and well-being of others, these workers may be at greater risk for being injured on the job or being exposed to contagious illness. Figures for 2013 show that there were approximately 58,000 workplace injuries and occupational diseases recorded for workers in U.S. hospitals alone, more than 6 for every 100 full-time employees As a result, it is essential that health care employers establish appropriate procedures that protect the health of their workers.

There are several areas in which effective processes can make a significant difference in protecting health care workers from infection. These include rigorous safety policies and promoting vaccinations for all employees. Given the fact that workers frequently have contact with people who are ill, these commonsense measures are crucial to maintaining a healthy work environment. Not having these policies and procedures in place, along with appropriate equipment, may trigger an OSHA investigation.

Unfortunately, there may be situations in which a violation isn't caught in a timely manner. As a result, the conditions at the facility can become unhealthy. Employees become exposed to hazards and may become ill or disabled.

Most health care workers who are injured in a workplace accident or who become sick as a result of unhealthy working conditions are eligible to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits. These benefits might include the replacement of a portion of wages missed during the recovery period. As the process is time-sensitive, many injured employees obtain the assistance of an attorney when preparing and filing their claims.

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