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The dangers of driving in the fog

Between 1990 and 2012, South Carolina ranked as one of the states that had the highest number of fatal crashes associated with smoke and fog, according to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. During those years, several thousand people around the country died as a result of a smoke-and fog-related car accidents.

Little is known about the role fog and smoke play in relation to statistical highway safety reports nationwide. However, scanty research on the subject shows that these conditions are to blame for one-fifth of all car accidents involving 10 or more automobiles. In many cases, the drivers involved in these types of accidents are newly, inexperienced drivers. In addition, a large number of these accidents occur during the winter and in rural areas.

A highway that is covered by smoke and fog presents a great deal of challenges to drivers. To begin with, it severely cuts a driver's ability to see clearly ahead. Secondly, motorists are unable to benefit from using high beams. Also, because fog can appear unexpectedly, it creates a sudden road hazard for all motorists who may not be prepared for the change.

For example, on Jan. 29, 2012, a fog-related multi-vehicle accident occurred on a Florida freeway. Although conditions improved and the roadway was reopened, the fog and smoke returned within the hour and caused a chain-reaction crash involving 19 vehicles, 11 fatalities and 18 people with injuries.

Those who have suffered catastrophic injuries in a car crash because of a reckless driver may want to discuss with an attorney the ways in which compensation for their losses could be sought. Official documents such as the police report, medical reports, eyewitness statements and road and weather condition evaluations could be used as evidence of negligence in a subsequent personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party.

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