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Garbage collectors face certain risks

As some South Carolina workers may know, every job has its own hazards. Garbage collectors have an assortment of possible dangers associated with their work. While some hazards are unavoidable, others can be nearly eliminated if certain precautions are taken.

Hazmat precautions might be useful when handling garbage. Residential garbage may contain a variety of substances that could cause significant injury to a worker through contact. For instance, hypodermic needles, corrosive substances or pesticides are often found in garbage. The danger to garbage collectors might be helped by wearing clothing and boots that shield the worker from direct contact.

Strain on muscles might result from lifting heavy garbage cans and other objects. In addition, garbage collectors work outdoors, and weather plays an important role in their safety. Icy or slick conditions can result in falls that have the potential of injuring the spinal cord or breaking bones. Using a pal system to lift heavy objects or taking special care in bad weather may help.

According to the sanitation department in New York, one of the most common injuries to garbage collectors is exposure to broken glass or sharp metal objects. Using protective gloves may help when handling bags containing such objects.

Encountering rodents or other pests also poses a danger. Being bitten by a rabid animal, however remote, may happen. Even dead animals pose an infection risk. Vehicular collisions are another danger encountered by garbage collectors and cause frequent injuries.

If a garbage collector is injured on the job, medical care and time lost from work may be covered under workers' compensation. Since workers' compensation differs from state to state, speaking to an attorney might be beneficial. An attorney may able to review the case, help in filing paperwork and, if a claim is denied, assist in appealing it.

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