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Defective switch may have contributed to car accidents

As many South Carolina drivers are aware, in February 2014 General Motors recalled 2.6 million motor vehicles because of ignition switches that were defective. Some of the cases where individuals were convicted as having caused an accident and death of another individual and have been incarcerated may have been victims of an ignition switch problem.

In one case, a young woman was taking a friend home when her brakes and steering became nonfunctional when the switch went into the accessory mode. In addition, the car's air bags did not work at the time of the accident. The friend died as a result of the crash. The woman pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and served three months in prison before she was released. According to the woman, she was not speeding at the time of the crash. She said her vehicle simply stopped functioning.

The court has vacated the woman's guilty plea but did not assign fault for the accident. The woman's attorney is asking the judge to declare her innocent of the charge, but prosecutors in the case have appealed. GM did settle a claim for an undisclosed amount, saying that the switch may have contributed to or been the cause of the accident when the airbags did not open. However, GM reportedly said it was unable to determine whether a defective part caused the accident.

A car accident victim who is injured will often face mounting medical bills and may be forced to miss work for an extended period of time. Those who are in this situation may want to discuss their situation with an attorney, who can review police reports and other evidence in order to determine who should bear responsibility for the accident and thus for the losses that the injured victim has incurred.

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