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Car accidents can result in a delayed appearance of symptoms

Many South Carolina residents who have experienced car accidents may be familiar with the delayed onset of some symptoms. These conditions can unpleasantly surprise people who are already dealing with other physical problems, and some can carry serious consequences.

Pain, numbness and other issues can develop after a car accident in which a person sustains whiplash injuries, and the various symptoms can hint at issues that may demand immediate help. For instance, a persistent headache could be a sign of a traumatic brain injury or a blood clot while lower back pain might indicate nerve damage. Numbness in one's limbs could result from neck or spinal damage, and painful abdominal swelling may indicate a particularly dangerous case of internal bleeding.

As is often the case when a physical injury affects the brain, cognitive and motor issues also have the potential to arise shortly following an accident. Traumatic brain injuries can hinder sensory abilities along with mobility. They can also create psychological problems by rewiring a person's personality and potentially subjecting a person to emotional disorders. Furthermore, post-traumatic stress disorder is a distinct possibility for a person who may have narrowly evaded death in an accident.

A person injured in a car crash could endure one or more delayed symptoms in the following days and weeks. Such problems could lead to extra time admitted to a hospital, costly rehabilitation and long-term issues pertaining to work capabilities and life enjoyment. If another party disputes responsibility for an accident and the damages suffered, hiring an attorney to develop a claim based on available facts may be a worthwhile decision.

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