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Technology may help prevent drowsy driving

As South Carolina residents may be aware, driving while sleepy is a danger to both the motorist and those sharing the road at the time. According to statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, drowsy driving contributes to approximately 25 percent of all fatal motor vehicle accidents on an annual basis.

In the 2014 New Jersey accident involving the comedian Tracy Morgan, it was discovered that the truck driver who hit the limousine in which Morgan was a passenger had been awake about 28 hours at the time. The investigation concluded the driver might have been able to stop in time, had he not been speeding.

Drowsy driving accidents are believed to be underreported, according to experts. One of the reasons is that it may be difficult for police to tell if an individual is drowsy when an accident occurs. Many companies employ the use of warning devices in large trucks to warn the driver when a collision is about to occur. The driver might be warned by alarms such as flashing lights or beeping. Some technologies warn a driver when the vehicle is about to cross into another lane or go off the roadway. Studies conducted on this type of technology shows that use of this type of device may help prevent truck drivers from leaving the roadway in up to 40 percent of instances.

An individual who has suffered injuries in an accident that was the fault of a negligent driver might be faced with medical costs, including rehabilitation expenses, and loss of time at work. An attorney may be able to assist an injured victim by reviewing accident reports and witness statements and then filing a personal injury lawsuit seeking damages from the responsible party.

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