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Motorcyclist gets to talk to his wife one last time

A motorcyclist in South Carolina was out on his bike, riding at night, when he was involved in a fiery crash. He was thrown from his bike and was lying in the street, having been hit by a drunk driver, when a woman stopped to see if she could help.

The man had survived the initial accident, but he had some very severe injuries and was not going to live for long. He asked the woman to help him by calling his wife. She did it, dialing the number and telling the woman that her husband had been in a wreck. She then handed the phone to him.

Though the man did pass away from his injuries, he got to talk to his wife that last time because of the woman's actions. His wife has expressed gratitude that she was granted that final conversation during such a tragic situation, though the loss is naturally still very hard for her.

The man also appreciated the gesture, as reports show that he started crying when he got on the phone with his wife. Though the Good Samaritan had no way to save him in such a dire situation, she was still able to help him tremendously in those final moments.

The man who hit the cyclist is 44 years old. He was arrested for his part in the accident, and bond was set at $150,000. His charges were for a felony DUI.

Have you lost a loved one in a DUI accident, or have you been injured in a crash? If so, make sure that you know what rights you have to compensation.

Source: Inquisitr, "Good Samaritan Grants Wish Of Dying Man’s Wife, Allows Her To Talk To Crash Victim One Last Time," June 28, 2015

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