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Dedicated advocacy for those injured in factory accidents

For as far back as most people can remember, the Greenville, South Carolina area has served as a major manufacturing hub for a variety of industries. Indeed, it's not uncommon to encounter generations of families who have earned a living working in one of the many factories that have called this area home.

While this manufacturing presence has shrunk somewhat over the years, the tradition nevertheless endures, as many of our city's residents continue to work in the plants of such industry names as BMW, 3M, GE and, of course, Michelin.

It goes without saying that the nature of the work performed at these and other factories has changed considerably over the years, becoming not only more efficient, but also safer thanks to advancements in technology and the introduction of more stringent safety guidelines.

As encouraging as this has been, the fact remains that factory accidents can -- and still do -- occur, sometimes leaving workers with serious and even debilitating injuries, including neck trauma, spinal damage and knee injuries to name only a few.

As difficult as it can be for workers to cope with these devastating injuries, it can be equally difficult to try to manage the uncertainty surrounding such important issues as workers' compensation benefits, medical bills, lost wages and even retraining.

At the Philpot Law Firm, PA, our attorneys have been providing injured workers in and around the Greenville area with dedicated representation for over three decades. We understand just how intimidating it can be to deal with employers and their insurance companies in the aftermath of a serious work injury, and how burdensome it can be to worry about your ability to support your family.   

Please visit our website to learn more about how our firm can help in these situations and the approach we take in all work comp cases.

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