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Survey shows just how frightening distracted driving has become

In recognition of the danger posed by distracted driving, 46 states -- including South Carolina -- have all passed laws expressly prohibiting motorists from texting while driving.

Despite these proactive measures on the part of state lawmakers, however, distracted driving remains a very real problem on America's roads and highways. Indeed, a recently released survey conducted by telecom giant AT&T as part of its "It Can Wait" public safety campaign reveals that many drivers are now taking things to a new and wholly shocking level.

The survey of 2,067 people between the ages of 16 to 65, all of whom drove at least once a day and owned a smartphone, revealed the following:

  • 61 percent texted while driving
  • 33 percent accessed their email while driving
  • 28 percent surfed the Internet while driving
  • 27 percent used Facebook while driving
  • 17 percent took selfies while driving
  • 14 percent used Twitter while driving (30 percent of these people confessed to doing this regularly)
  • 10-plus percent used Snapchat and Instagram while driving.
  • 10 percent used video chat while driving  

It's understandable if you need a moment after reading through these survey findings, as it's almost impossible to comprehend how anyone could rationally think this type of conduct behind the wheel was safe.

As it turns out, most people don't actually think it's safe. To illustrate, consider a survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety last year, which found that nearly 85 percent of drivers called texting while driving a "completely unacceptable" behavior.

Why then are so many people continuing to drive distracted?

One theory is that the societal pressure to stay constantly connected to the Web via social media coupled with the habit-forming nature of smartphones is causing people to simply discount the dangers of distracted driving.

Another prevailing theory is that drivers are simply overly confident about their abilities to multi-task behind the wheel.

Whatever the reasoning, using a smartphone in any capacity while behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous and those who cause serious or even fatal car accidents as a result of this conduct can -- and should -- be held accountable in a court of law.

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