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April 2015 Archives

Study says brief glances away from road dangerous for drivers

Some South Carolina drivers may believe that taking their eyes off of the road for just a few seconds is not very dangerous, but a study by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety suggests that this is not the case. In that study, researchers found that even a two-second glance away from the road was enough to make it more difficult for a driver to deal with a hazard.

Test for lung cancer results in nearly 25 percent false positives

Some South Carolina residents may know that lung cancer deaths claim 150,000 lives in the U.S. annually. Medicare now covers a test called a spiral CT scan that screens for early lung cancer. The test is offered to smokers aged 55 to 77 on an annually basis. The recipients must have a 30-year history of smoking a pack of cigarettes each day. The results of a study done in 2011 concluded that 20 percent of lung cancer deaths might be prevented by using spiral CT imaging.

Tips for avoiding accidents while driving in wet weather

According to the American Automobile Association, 1.2 million car wrecks occur annually in the U.S. as a result of wet weather. Driving on wet pavement cannot always be avoided, but fortunately, good driving habits that South Carolina residents can practice can reduce their chances of getting in an accident.

Car crashes may result in fracture of the breastbone

As some South Carolina residents might know, a car crash may result in chest trauma. Without the protection a seat belt or air bag offers, it is possible the occupant's chest might strike the steering wheel or dashboard. This may result in a fracture of the sternum, the broad, flat bone in the chest.

Dangers of driving while drowsy

South Carolina residents might be interested in learning more about the dangers of driving while drowsy, as described by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Researchers found that missing merely one night of sleep can result in a short-term state of sleepiness. Missing just one or two hours of sleep each night can actually result in chronic sleepiness. Researchers were able to identify three groups who are most affected by drowsiness while driving.

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