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Teenagers doing homework while driving in South Carolina

With all the media attention and public service ads teaching teenagers not to text while driving, it would seem the youth of today would apply that message to other potentially distracting behaviors while behind the wheel. Incredibly, 27 percent of teenage drivers admit to operating a vehicle while putting on makeup and doing their homework. Research shows the current push towards educating youth on the dangers of texting and driving is having a positive impact. However, teenagers do not seem to apply the same knowledge to other distractions while driving that can result in the same dire consequences.

Oregon State University conducted a study among a group of teenagers and asked them to complete tasks while dealing with distractions. For example, the students were asked to write a series of numbers while having a conversation on the phone. The study results were promising with many of the students gaining a definite understanding of what distractions can do to someone attempting to complete a serious task such as operating a car.

The study also pointed out that the message teenagers receive from their parents can have a tremendous impact on how they behave behind the wheel. Through educational programs in the school and reinforced learning from parents at home, the study certainly suggests that children can be taught to easily recognize the dangers of distracted driving.

Thousands of serious accidents have been caused by distracted drivers of all ages and experience levels. Some have resulted in serious injury and even death. There are laws in place to protect those who have been injured due to the carelessness of a distracted driver, and many may be entitled to a settlement through the insurance company or the driver. An experienced attorney could be beneficial in providing legal guidance and obtaining restitution for the injured party.

Source: NPR, "Teens Say They Change Clothes And Do Homework While Driving," Maanvi Singh, March 18, 2015

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