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February 2015 Archives

Car accidents may result in shoulder injuries

As South Carolina drivers may know, trauma such as that encountered in a car accident may injure the shoulder. The shoulder is a major joint with three articulations for the humerus, scapula and clavicle. While any of these three bones may be fractured, scapular and clavicular fractures are the most common. The deltoid muscle protects the shoulder joint, and the area under the muscle, called a bursa, absorbs shock.

Frequency and common causes of tractor-trailer accidents

In 2012, authorities reported that just over 330,000 tractor-trailers were involved in road collisions across the country. These accidents were reportedly responsible for 104,000 injuries and 3,921 deaths. Drivers in South Carolina might be curious about the common causes of these crashes.

Motorcyclists at high risk of injury and death

South Carolina has a partial helmet law, which requires helmet use for motorcycle riders 20 and younger. Wearing a helmet improves the chances of surviving a motorcycle accident. In terms of preventing fatal injuries, helmets are 37 percent effective in limiting fatalities for motorcycle drivers and 41 percent effective for their passengers.

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