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January 2015 Archives

Organ and tissue transplant rejection

Recipients of organ or tissue transplants in South Carolina face the risk that their body's immune system may reject the transplant. Doctors can help to minimize the risk of this reaction by ensuring that the transplanted organ or tissue is a correct match for the recipient. Medicines can also be used to suppress the immune system and prevent a person's body from rejecting a newly transplanted organ.

The need for improved safety regulations for truckers

Accidents that made the national news, including the one in which four softball players died as well as the one in which Tracy Morgan was seriously injured, highlight the need for improvements in safety regulations for the commercial trucking industry in both South Carolina as well as nationally. Despite the fact that truck crash fatalities increased for the fourth year in a row and that almost 4,000 people are killed in truck collisions every year, regulators ignored nearly 100 recommendations for safety improvements in 2014.

Dangers of highway construction zones

Many construction workers are seriously injured or killed while working in highway construction zones every year, both in South Carolina as well as in the rest of the country. In order to combat the high numbers of deaths and injuries, states utilize reduced speed limits and increased penalties for motorists who speed through these zones.

Understanding whiplash injuries

Whiplash is a common label for an injury suffered in car accidents, sports accidents and falls. Typically involving a quick back-and-forth motion of the neck of the victim, whiplash injuries can affect a number of different muscles and bones and symptoms can vary widely.

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