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South Carolina motorists endangered by impaired drivers

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motorists in South Carolina and other states are at risk of injury or death due to impaired driving accidents. With 31 percent of all traffic deaths in 2012 involving alcohol and alcohol-impaired drivers contributing to a death rate of one individual every 51 minutes that same year, the CDC has advised drivers to be as safe as possible.

In its 2014 assessment, the CDC also observed that some law enforcement actions, such as strict .08 BAC prosecution, sobriety checkpoints and increased taxation, had been shown to be effective. The CDC also recommended penalties such as license revocation, as the likelihood of an impaired driver killing someone is significantly higher for drivers with prior convictions.

The CDC's report quoted decades' worth of statistics, and it provided a few safety rules geared towards drinkers who might potentially drive, but it didn't say how effective all of these strategies were. Notably, punishments like ignition interlocks, which stop drunk driving convicts from using their vehicles while they are impaired, were said to decrease the number of people who got arrested for driving under the influence by 70 percent. Sobriety stops lowered the number of all alcohol crashes by 9 percent.

Although government agencies have the power to take punitive action against motorists who cause drunk driving accidents, their focus is largely on getting hazardous drivers off the road. Unfortunately, as these and other statistics show, driving while impaired continues to be a significant problem that often results in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. A personal injury attorney can help a plaintiff who has been damaged by such a negligent act pursue financial remedies.

Source: CDC, "Impaired Driving: Get the Facts", December 17, 2014

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