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Bad sidewalks leading cause of pedestrian injury

South Carolina residents may find walking a more healthful alternative to driving a vehicle, but the pedestrian life is not without its hazards. Nationwide statistics collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 4,743 pedestrians met with fatal accident in 2012, and another 76,000 suffered injury. That comes out to roughly one pedestrian injured every 7 minutes. These injuries are often due to the negligence of another party.

Men are more likely to be fatally injured while walking than women, making up 69 percent of the pedestrian fatalities in 2012. The median age of pedestrian fatalities is 46, but that of those who survive their injuries is a full decade lower at 35 years of age. Children are at risk as well. The healthcare costs associated with pedestrian injury to those under the age of 15 totals an annual $5.2 billion.

Tripping or falling due to uneven or cracked sidewalks are the leading cause of pedestrian accident, making up 24 percent of all injuries. Other trips and falls make up another 17 percent, and auto-pedestrian accident makes up the third leading cause at 12 percent. Pedestrian injuries due to wildlife or pets, in fourth place, account for 6 percent of such incidents.

Pedestrians who have suffered injury or the families of those who have died in a pedestrian accident can often make a case for negligence on the part of a responsible party. Maintaining safe sidewalks is the responsibility of the municipality, and a pedestrian may be awarded damages when the injury could have been prevented by better sidewalk conditions. Pedestrians who are sideswiped or hit at a crosswalk by distracted or drunk drivers can frequently recover their medical expenses with a personal injury lawsuit as well as can those attacked by improperly restrained animals.

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center , "Pedestrian and Bicyclist Crash Statistics", November 16, 2014

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