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Standard of care breaches might lead to lawsuits

As a patient in South Carolina, you are afforded certain rights and generally expect that the individuals treating you should try to provide the best care possible for the situation. However, this does not always occur, and you may suffer additional injury while seeking treatment from medical physicians and health care facilities.

While laws understand that medical treatment providers do not make guarantees regarding the success of certain procedures, health care facilities and their employees must meet a standard of care that serves as the basis for evaluating the suitability of a medical provider.

This standard of care requires that those who are treating you must use the proper procedures for diagnosing an injury or illness. The methods used while attempting to address the issues must also be held to the same standards.

However, not all health care providers are able to offer each patient fitting treatment, and if he or she suffers injury because of a physician's or hospital's negligence, the victim might be entitled to compensation sought through a medical malpractice claim.

For instance, a surgeon's error or a doctor's failure to administer adequate care for the patient's condition might cause that doctor to be found liable in a lawsuit. Furthermore, health care providers who fail to make a proper diagnosis or pharmacists who do not furnish a patient with the correct medications may be named as defendants in such lawsuits.

Additional hypothetical examples of possible negligence can be found on our firm's website. The Greenville Medical Malpractice Attorneys page also includes a discussion of the types of damages that you might be able to seek in civil court through such a claim.

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