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Recognizing when standards of medical care have been ignored

In any profession, there are basic standards for appropriate conduct. Namely, employees shouldn't put themselves in a position that would adversely impact their ability to make positive contributions. In some occupations, however, the stakes for following professional guidelines are incredibly high. The medical field is certainly one of these fields.

Doctors and other medical professionals often have the health and well being of other people in their hands. Patients count on doctors maintaining their duty to practice with thought and care.

Of course, there is no guarantee that every medical procedure or treatment will be successful. With that in mind, however, there should be assurance that care providers will do everything necessary to produce positive outcomes. When a doctor fails to meet basic standards of care, patients and their loved ones stand to suffer the consequences.

A major issue in the health care field calls to mind the importance of standards for professional conduct. According to a report from NBC's Today, nearly 10 percent of physicians in practice have a drug or alcohol problem. The unfortunate side effect of this is that physicians are working in exam and operating rooms while under the influence.

It goes without saying that being intoxicated diminishes a person's physical and mental abilities. In a medical setting, these are both of critical importance. Medical professionals should be able to recognize when they are in the midst of addiction, but many people still practice under these dangerous circumstances.

The law is on the side of patients when their medical providers fail to adhere to basic standards for professional practice. Our firm has the skills to defend the rights of injured patients and their families. As a result, injured patients can gain an understanding of their options in the wake of a doctor's negligent, harmful conduct.

To learn more about the issues discussed in this post, please visit our firm's medical malpractice page.

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