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June 2014 Archives

Recognizing when standards of medical care have been ignored

In any profession, there are basic standards for appropriate conduct. Namely, employees shouldn't put themselves in a position that would adversely impact their ability to make positive contributions. In some occupations, however, the stakes for following professional guidelines are incredibly high. The medical field is certainly one of these fields.

South Carolina roads unsafe at any speed for pedestrians, Part 2

Being able to get from place to place safely is a critical component of being a mobile individual. And, unfortunately, we revealed the fact that pedestrians in South Carolina face significant danger when compared to other states in a blog post last week.

South Carolina roads unsafe at any speed for pedestrians, Part 1

When we imagine roadways, it's probably not a stretch to make an instant connection with motor vehicles. Despite this strong connection, the reality is that cars are not the only occupants of the road. In fact, pedestrians and bicycles often move across or along the road.

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