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Handling a car accident while on vacation in South Carolina

Going on a trip is almost always an exciting experience. For many people, being able to get away -- even just for a few days -- can be an effective way to shed the stress of everyday life. The unfortunate reality is that vacations do not always go as planned. Car accidents are likely among the last problems that a traveler wants to deal with, but they can and do happen.

In the wake of one of the Memorial Day holiday weekend, one of the most popular times for travel, and the dawning of summertime, many trips involving travel on South Carolina's roadways have recently occurred or are being planned. For out-of-town travelers, it may be especially frustrating to deal with an accident, given unfamiliarity with the location and state laws. No matter where or when a crash occurs, those who are injured may have the ability to pursue compensation.

Given the stress that car accidents often create, it may not be exactly clear what to do in the aftermath of a crash. Even though a driver might not be a South Carolina resident, it may be best to move forward with a claim locally. After all, any relevant state laws would apply to where the accident occurred and South Carolina attorneys are likely to be familiar with the intricacies of the state's personal injury and traffic laws.

Just before Memorial Day weekend, officials from the National Safety Council released a bulletin that predicted 392 traffic fatalities would occur during holiday travel. At the same time, nearly 41,000 injuries would result from car accidents.

The figures released by the NSC were simply estimates, but the reality is that many travelers probably were seriously hurt over the weekend. Furthermore, for accident victims and their loved ones, the full impact of an accident is much more than just a statistical projection.

Source: National Security Council, "National Safety Council Estimates Nearly 400 Fatalities from Crashes this Memorial Day Weekend," May 19, 2014

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