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May 2014 Archives

Handling a car accident while on vacation in South Carolina

Going on a trip is almost always an exciting experience. For many people, being able to get away -- even just for a few days -- can be an effective way to shed the stress of everyday life. The unfortunate reality is that vacations do not always go as planned. Car accidents are likely among the last problems that a traveler wants to deal with, but they can and do happen.

South Carolina: Among the nation's worst for drunk driving deaths

Driving while intoxicated is against the law in every state, and this is likely something everyone knows. Despite the fact that this law is widely known -- along with the dangers associated with drunk driving -- people still get behind the wheel of their vehicles after consuming too much alcohol.

How soon must South Carolina medical malpractice claims be filed?

Undergoing a major medical procedure is a stressful experience, no matter the situation. However, people trust that their doctors and nurses will provide the best possible care. This is what happens most of the time, but is not always the case. Due to a lack of caution or care, medical professionals can make mistakes that have lasting repercussions.

Feds target speed-related truck accidents with new rule

Over-the-road truck drivers are often on a strict time schedule to pick up and drop off cargo. Like employees in a number of other professions, truckers are under enormous pressure to stick to a schedule to meet deadlines. In order to do this, however, drivers might feel the need to exceed posted speed limits.

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