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April 2014 Archives

Understanding when a medical malpractice claim is the right move

Losing a loved one is never easy. Even when a person has lived a long, full life, it can be hard to say goodbye. Keeping in this mind, it's understandable why people feel upset and frustrated when a loved one's death could have been prevented. When put into this position, people may not know what can be done to respond to the situation.

More can be done to prevent serious truck accidents

When traveling on the highway, it's not uncommon to see a large tractor-trailer hauling cargo. Even veteran drivers can feel intimidated by the hulking size of a semi truck passing by. However, drivers expect that truckers will act carefully and all safety precautions have been taken prior to hitting the road. In reality, this is not always the case.

Limiting left-hand turns could reduce car accident rate

Many South Carolina residents use their vehicles on a daily basis to get to work or drop their children off at school. While behind the wheel, there's a good chance that drivers take one or more left-hand turns without thinking twice about doing so. The reality is that this routine maneuver is much more dangerous than many might think.

South Carolina roads are among the nation's most dangerous

Throughout the course of a year, various state rankings will hit the news. For example, South Carolina is often marked as a popular tourist destination. At the same time, however, some of the rankings aren't quite as desirable. Recently, South Carolina's residents were named the second-worst drivers in the country.

Hospital infection rates drop, but may not tell the full story

Nobody wants to spend time in the hospital. Between the inconvenience of health issues and the cost of medical care, people typically look forward to being discharged and recovering. However, attentive medical care can help make the hospital stay more pleasant and successful.

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