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March 2014 Archives

Are bars liable for over-serving patrons in South Carolina?

It's likely that every driver knows that it is illegal drive while intoxicated in South Carolina. Still, too many people disregard the law and the safety of others by getting behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol.

Pedestrians, bikers may not be safe on South Carolina roads

In urban areas, it may not be uncommon for people to travel by bike or foot. Knowing that South Carolina generally has a mild climate, these activities could happen any time of year. Despite this fact, pedestrians and cyclists could be at risk whenever they decide to hit the road. Unfortunately, accident data seems to back this up.

Hour limits, rest periods shown to decrease truck accident risks

It's likely that many South Carolina residents have experienced work-related stress at one point or another. After all, when an important deadline is fast approaching, people may feel enormous pressure to do whatever is necessary to complete a task. This is something many over-the-road truck drivers might also feel. In order to meet a strict delivery schedule, truckers may feel compelled to spend countless hours on the road in a single stretch.

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