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May 2013 Archives

Pedestrian accident takes life of Greenville woman

All traffic accidents have the potential to be fatal, but pedestrians face greater risks because of their vulnerability and lack of protection. Pedestrians in Greenville are threatened by negligent, impaired or distracted drivers. Defective property and traffic safety devices may also lead to a pedestrian accident.

Parents file malpractice suit over sexual assignment surgery

A couple has sued the state of South Carolina and two hospitals for allegedly performing an unnecessary sexual assignment surgery on a toddler whom they later adopted. Lawyers for the plaintiffs stated that the lawsuits, including a medical malpractice suit, are the first of their kind in this country.

South Carolina's pint bill collides with drunk driving concerns

A recent blog discussed South Carolina's elimination of its mini-bottle requirement at serving establishments and its possible impact on drinking and driving in the state. Now, a legislative measure that would allow craft breweries to sell larger portions of beer for on-site consumption is raising concerns about its impact on drunk driving and dram shop liability for establishments that serve alcohol.

S.C. vision tests for drivers not viewed with success

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration stated the obvious when it reported that good vision is part of good driving health. In fact, the NHTSA recommends that all drivers who are at least 60-years-old should receive an annual test for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy to help prevent an auto accident.

Ending SC mini-bottle reign has not reduced drunk driving

South Carolina's constitutional amendment ending the required use of mini-bottles for serving alcohol has not reduced drunk driving in the state. Fatal drunk-driving crashes have increased since 2006 when free pouring from full-sized bottles in serving establishments became legal.

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