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Driver running light crashes into special needs bus

Many workers have a workplace that is not an office but consists of a truck, bus or vehicle that is used in their jobs. However, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that work-related roadway vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death from traumatic injuries in the U.S. workplace. The CDC reported almost 12,000 deaths between 1992 and 2000 and 23.5 percent of civilian worker deaths in 2000 from these accidents.

Recently, a driver of an SUV ran a red light and crashed into a bus carrying 12 students on College Park Road on Interstate 26 in Berkeley County, according to the South Carolina High Patrol. The bus then crashed into two other cars on the overpass. The accident closed traffic in the area for approximately 2 hours. Police cited the SUV driver for disregarding a traffic light.

None of the students were injured. The Highway Patrol, however, said that some students were to be taken to a hospital for examination. A truck driver involved in the car crash was also to be examined for injuries at a hospital.

The bus passengers were special needs students from Pinehurst Elementary and Midland Park Primary schools. According to a media reporter, some of the students looked as young as three and four years old. The students were either transferred to another bus or picked up by parents.

A car accident victim, including any bus drivers and truckers who are injured while on the job, may be entitled to compensation for injuries and lost wages caused by a driver who has violated traffic laws, a reckless or negligent driver, or by defective vehicles or equipment. Workplace accidents also can lead to worker's compensation claims, in some cases, depending on the cause of the accident. Investigations should begin promptly to obtain evidence, police reports and eyewitness statements. Time periods often restrict the period in which a legal action may be filed.

Source: Live 5 News, "SUV driver cited after special needs bus wreck," Cameron Easley, April 10, 2013

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