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Columbia pedestrian struck by car trying to run traffic light

Pedestrians are unprotected against speeding vehicles or motorists who violate traffic laws. A pedestrian was killed every 2 hours and injured every 8 minutes in traffic crashes in 2010 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In addition to vehicles, poor property maintenance, sidewalk and parking lot defects or debris on walkways may cause a pedestrian accident.

A pedestrian was injured in a collision caused by a motorist trying to beat a red light last Wednesday. The motorist was driving eastbound on Hampton Street in downtown Columbia, drove through a red light and then collided with a vehicle traveling northbound on Assembly Street. Both cars then struck a woman standing on a sidewalk at the corner of the intersection.

The woman was transported to the hospital and has an injured leg or ankle, according to police. The motorist who ran the red light was cited for disregarding a traffic device.

A pedestrian hit by a car may seek compensation for injuries if a motorist disregards traffic devices or signs, speeds, drives while impaired, fails to yield, disregards road or weather conditions, or who does not exercise due care while driving. Property owners may be liable if a property defect was a cause of the accident. Compensation may include payment of medical expenses, loss wages and pain and suffering, among other things. There may be payment to family members in a wrongful death action if a relative is killed as a result of a pedestrian accident. Investigation for a civil lawsuit should occur promptly so that eyewitness statements, police reports and other evidence may be obtained.

Source:, "Police: Pedestrian hospitalized after driver tries to beat red light," Jason Old, Jan. 23, 2013

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