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January 2013 Archives

Columbia bar pays victim's father for drunk driving fatality

In 2010, Over 10,000 people were killed in an alcohol-related car accident, or one person every 51 minutes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A drunk driver and any establishment or host that served alcohol to this driver may be held liable in the unfortunate event that a drunk driving accident occurs in South Carolina.

U.S. Supreme Court to address states' share of malpractice awards

Our readers may have heard that South Carolina and 10 other states support North Carolina in a pivotal case on a state's ability to mitigate expenses with their Medicaid programs by receiving a share of monetary awards from private malpractice lawsuits. The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in this case on whether North Carolina can obtain reimbursement from a $2.8 private medical malpractice settlement.

South Carolina Traffic Deaths Increase in 2012

South Carolina traffic fatalities increased for the second year in a row in 2012 according to preliminary information released by the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Attempts to prevent drivers and pedestrians from the risk of car accidents have been unsuccessful.

Teen pedestrian in Taylors killed by vehicle

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that at least 4,280 pedestrians were killed and another 70,000 were injured in traffic accidents in the United States in 2010. This equals a pedestrian killed every 2 hours and one injured every 8 minutes. South Carolina suffered 90 pedestrian fatalities in 2010, according to the NHTSA. These statistics prove that pedestrian accidents are far too prevalent and lethal.

Greenville man killed by car while crossing road

Walking to get to work and run errands can be good exercise and beneficial to the environment, but when pedestrians get into collisions with heavy, steel-encased vehicles, they are especially vulnerable to serious injuries. Being hit by a car in a pedestrian accident can lead to catastrophic injuries to the brain and spine, or even to fatalities.

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