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Man files medical malpractice suit after billing, surgical errors

Some South Carolina residents have likely been victims of medical carelessness at the hands of their physicians or other medical staff. Having a doctor perform a surgical error on a patient is bad enough. Having to pay for an unnecessary surgery is outrageous and can leave the patient and his or her family with even more pain and suffering than before. A Texas man is well aware of this type of trauma and is suing his doctor for medical malpractice.

The man was scheduled to undergo surgery on January 31, 2010, to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee. He repeatedly told medical staff that the surgery had to be performed on his left knee. In fact, he even wrote "YES" on the left knee to signify that it was the correct knee on which to operate.

Despite all of the measures that the man took, the doctor still allegedly performed the surgery on the man's right knee. Upon realizing his mistake, the doctor obtained consent from the patient's mother to continue with the surgery on the left knee. The man is now suffering from pain in both of his knees. On top of that, he received a bill for both knee surgeries.

Surgical errors can cause physical and emotional damage to a person. The man in this case is claiming physical disfigurement, which is a plausible claim considering that the surgery likely left him with two scarred knees. Individuals and families in similar cases may be able to file a claim for lost earnings, negligence, punitive damages and pain and suffering (a common claim in medical malpractice suits), to name a few.

Source:, "Real Chutzpah in Texas," Nov. 7, 2012

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