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Halloween serves as reminder for pedestrian safety

For many people in South Carolina, Halloween is an exciting holiday where children and adults alike can dress up into a costume and have some fun collecting candy or relaxing with friends. But, amidst the revelry there is a truly worrisome fact: Halloween is one of the worst days for pedestrian accidents in the country, especially for children. In a study conducted by the Safe Kids Worldwide organization, it was found that nearly double the amount of children die in pedestrian accidents on Halloween than any other day.

There are several steps pedestrian can take to minimize their risk of tragedy. First, make it easy for cars to see you and your children. For example, during Halloween many people use lights or reflectors to guarantee they are visible throughout the night, which could help prevent being hit by a car.

Likewise, even if you feel comfortable in a neighborhood, always remember that some people driving in the roads may not be familiar with the environment. Being lured into a false sense of security could endanger yourself and your children.

Unfortunately, sometimes even precautions cannot help avoid an accident. Oftentimes drivers can lose focus for a moment and strike a pedestrian, or make the choice to drive home drunk or overly tired, both of which could easily occur during holiday festivities. For this reason, it is recommended that parents accompany their children during Halloween.

In the event that someone is struck by a vehicle, it is important to gather as much evidence about the accident as possible in order to build a case against the perpetrator. Taking down plate numbers, descriptions of the incident and even taking photos when applicable could all help during legal proceedings.

Source:, "Police: Pedestrian safety first priority on Halloween," Mary King, Oct. 31, 2012

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